Cowboys sign kicker/punter Brett Maher

The Cowboys announced they have signed kicker/punter Brett Maher.

Maher is unlikely to make the roster as the Cowboys have Dan Bailey at kicker and Chris Jones at punter. But Maher gives them an extra leg during the offseason and in training camp, taking up only one roster spot while ensuring that neither Bailey nor Jones is overworked.

Jazz: Beat the Lakers 117-110 on April 3. … Five players scored in double figures. … Derrick Favors had 10 points and 13 rebounds.

Lakers: Three of the five starters did not make a field goal in the first half. … Kyle Kuzma did not play due to a mild left ankle sprain.

Ennis had a career-high 22 points. He shot 9 of 18 from the field, made three steals and played 28 minutes off the bench.

“Basketball kind of rewards you when you come out and play hard,” Ennis said. “That’s what I tried to do the whole game. Whether shots are going in or out, I just try to keep going.”

Ricky Rubio played 18 minutes and had nine points, two assists and two steals for Utah. He was listed as questionable before the game due to hamstring soreness that forced him out of Thursday’s contest against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Rubio didn’t play in the second half, but Snyder said he was the key for Utah to start the game.

“I thought he stabilized us at the beginning of the game,” Snyder said. “I think his presence on the court was really important. His leadership is one of the reasons we’re where we are.”

While it’s unclear whether the league eventually will conclude that Guice was mistaken or lying, at least one team employee who has interacted with Guice was and still is convinced that Guice made it up.

It’s unclear when the investigation will be concluded, and whether any specifics will be released publicly. For now, however, it appears that the league will clear its various teams on this one.

I don’t pay much attention to other sports, but when I do, the goal is to find a way to relate it to the NFL.

So with Tiger Woods in the midst of finally getting his golf game back on track (even though he’s tied for 29th at The Masters), an obvious question arises, which will be addressed during Friday’s PFT Live.

Which was the most memorable NFL comeback?texans_046

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