Tennessee has no business being in the postseason.

They could be the worst team in the bracket and just don’t have the upside you need from a team to make a run through a thick group of playoff teams. Marcus Mariota can be a future star, but it’s hard to imagine it under the current regime.

I love Derrick Henry — drafted him in every single fantasy league this year, dang it — and think he could have a good first game against the Chiefs, but it’s not that difficult to bottle up the Titans offense.

Just as players’ national anthem demonstrations were, for the most part, giving way to pure football matters, an NFL owner’s ugly comment raised the ire of his players, who, after an emotional weekend in which they considered their options, responded with the majority taking a knee in protest during the national anthem.

Bob McNair, the Texans’ nearly 80-year-old owner, triggered an emotional weekend that culminated in the team-wide protest, with most linking arms and kneeling. Previously, Texans players had chosen to stand, partly out of respect for the owner. But after meeting and rejecting options like removing the decals from their helmet and remaining in the locker room for the anthem, they came to the sideline, many took a knee and linked arms before the game against the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

The Chiefs are quite simply the league’s best team. The offense has been next to unstoppable while the defense has been more than adequate, even if it permitted Deshaun Watson to post some impressive numbers Sunday night. Get used to the idea of Alex Smith as an MVP candidate. Does Smith’s excellence this season complicate the Chiefs’ long-term plan to move on to Patrick Mahomes at QB? That’s an issue for another day.

Thomas is a savvy player who looks good in coverage, blitzing or attacking plays from the backside. His lack of bulk hurts him in traffic, and sometimes he can play too aggressively, taking himself out of plays. However, he is a heady player who could have his best football ahead of him.jaguars_115