Jed York says he and Richard Sherman unblocked each other on Twitter

Suh or the speculation on Odell first, he said, which one is it

For the next hour, with his voice beginning to scratch near the midpoint, McVay seamlessly handled queries about the Rams’ most recent acquisition — star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh — and the pursuit of New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

As he did Monday night after news broke of the Rams’ interest in Beckham, McVay prefaced answers to questions about him by saying he could not talk about other teams’ players because of tampering rules. He then reiterated that the Rams have demonstrated this offseason that they are not shy about pursuing any trade.

Translation: The Rams would love to add Beckham to a team that led the NFL in scoring last season.

Many coaches and NFL executives disdain and refuse to answer questions posed as hypotheticals. But McVay politely and enthusiastically embraced an onslaught.

How would a player such as Beckham hypothetically fit into the Rams offense

Trying to get myself right mentally, for my family. Show these people I deserve a second chance – to do this [sport] that I love. New Gators coach Dan Mullen said Elam was still a part of the Gators family, but there are no guarantees he’ll find an NFL family. He’s 26. There are plenty of younger safeties, including in the same building where he stood. Elam offered no rationalizations, and cast no blame. He said he got complacent. He said he made childish mistakes. He didn’t even use the injuries as an excuse, saying the time off helped me get right mentally. There are two questions here: 1) Is Elam right mentally 2) Was he good enough to begin with He did have a rash of injuries, but it’s impossible to tell if he would have done better if healthy. Was it a bad fit in Baltimore

Or was it something no team could fix On Wednesday he spoke not as a big shot but as a fringe player – a guy who was just trying to get a look, or maybe a camp invite. He said he’d do whbroncos_019-500x500atever is asked, whatever is needed. I’m still young, he said. I can move. I can do special teams. I can be a great teammate. I can lead guys. I can do a lot of stuff. He said it was time to grow up and be a man. He had the look of someone who had confronted his football mortality. He knew no one owed him a thing. He was asked bluntly why anyone should trust him with another shot. People make mistakes, he said.

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