Suh signing makes Rams big winners of NFL free agency, according to ‘Madden’

Whether it’s because of the massive contracts being handed out or the increased willingness for teams to complete trades, NFL offseasons are more dramatic now than ever. That drama has been on display since the start of 2018 league year, with several teams making a pushes to contend while others find themselves rebuilding.

As they relate to the upcoming edition of the “Madden NFL” video game series, the moves being made in 2018, both in free agency and via trades, have differing levels of impact.

Los Angeles has also added Aqib Talib (93 Overall) and Marcus Peters (87 Overall) to its secondary, which more than offsets the loss of Trumaine Johnson (82 Overall). The departures of Sammy Watkins (82 Overall) and Alec Ogletree (74 Overall) are not very significant.

The other NFC West team that appears to be on the rise also made a big splash in free agency, as the 49ers’ signing of Richard Sherman (91 Overall) is one of the flashiest moves of the offseason. Sherman likely will start the season rated lower considering he’s coming off a major injury, but he still might be the team’s highest-rated player.

If it happens, McGlinchey may join Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson, who widely is regarded as a guy who’ll be taken in the top 10. Some of the more prominent mock drafts (we’ll have one, and it will be posted whenever it’s posted) have McGlinchey going no higher than No. 16, to the Ravens.

Brandt’s prediction suggests that he’s reliably been told by a team picking in the top 10 that McGlinchey will be the pick. In 17 days, we’ll see whether it happens. Along with every other pick taken in round one.

Brandt claims he was misquoted. “I’m getting killed on Twitter,” he said in a tweet directed to King. “I didn’t realize you were asking me a prediction for the top 10. I thought you asked what would surprise me most in top 10. I would be shocked if McGlinchey went in top 10. I wouldn’t be shocked if he slid out of Round 1.”

If the Giants do decide to give Beckham a rich extension, they surely will seek to include stringent clauses in the contract that will require Beckham to give back signing bonus money if he is suspended for any reason.texans_132

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